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The condition of each component included in a turbine impacts on the profitability. This is why 8.2 France’s team of experts performs all the inspections and measurements needed on the turbine, as well as on each of its components 8.2 France is involved at all stage of the wind farm’s life

  • Quality inspection along manufacture process
  • Foundation construction monitoring
  • Component inspection prior to erection (blades,…)
  • Audit and expert assesment at each construction work stage
  •  …
start up
end of warranty or maintenance period
Specifics Checks

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Lifetime extension - Repowering
  • Analytical studies (remaining lifetime calculation)
  • On site inspections (components condition, risk studies,….)


8.2 France‘s team assess the general state of your turbine (particularly at the end of comissioning and end of warranty or maintenance contract). More than 200 points are checked thoughout this inspection in order to :

  • Visually assess the global installation and each component condition
  • Check the turbine safety
  • Check standard and regulation compliance

Prior 8.2 France, our experts were service technicians of main turbine manufacturers. Thus, their experience, enhanced with 8.2 various inspection, give them deep skill for each wind turbine type and their specificities.

ON rope inspection

Due to their difficult access, blades are not checked with reasonable frequency or in appropriate ways.  Their high velocity and location, exposes them at numerous environmental constraints (wind, hail, lightning strike) and may cause some defects such as :

  • Cracks
  • Lightening impacts
  • Erosion

These defects can have knock-on effects on production, noise emission or/and blades stability and safety. In order to guarantee high quality inspection, 8.2 France recommends a precise and at contact inspection on ropes or with a cherry picker Each visible defect is identified while going down along the blade in order to inspect each part of the blade :

  • Leading edge
  • Trailing edge
  • Suction side
  • Pressure side

Morever, this inspection is performed with tapping in order to identify delamination and a continuity measurement of the earthing cable. These inspection can be followed by regular inspections with a special camera from the ground with binocular. The outdoor condition of the  tower is also checked by rope access.  Simultaneously the items below are checked :

  • Paint condition
  • Corroded areas particularly near the flanges.
  • Gap thickness at flange
  • Paint thickness an ultrasonic device

Our experts are all IRATA certified and then skilled to perform these examinations safely.

Lifetime and performance ENHANCEMENT

8.2 team assists you to enhance the yield of your windfarm, particularly with regard to imbalanced rotor issue, in order to reduce mechanical impact  and enhance the lifetime of the turbine. In partnership with BerlindWind and MaintControl, 8.2 France performs low frequency  vibrations measurements on nacelles with accelerometers and pitch angle deviation measurements. A correction campain is then possible. Some figures :

  • 300 pitch angle measurement performed
  • 30 % of rotors measured in the last four years are impacted by aerodynamic rotor imbalance
  • Adjusting blade angles can reduce until 90% of vibrations (in specific case)

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