8.2 France guarantees the quality control of the foundations of wind turbines

Foundations can be the “feet of clay” of wind turbines if they have been poorly thought out, poorly constructed or badly maintained. It is indeed underground that the construction work for a wind farm starts. Once backfilled and hidden beneath the surface, the foundation must support hundreds of tons, without cracking, for several decades, even though those tons are themselves subject to the constraints of wind.

Thanks to its experience, 8.2 France is capable of bringing its expertise to every stage in the life of the foundations.

wind turbines foundations

Pre-construction phase:

  • Analysis of the geotechnical, geohydrological and design studies, and calculation of the foundations and choice of construction materials, in particular the concrete, covered by the standard EN 206.
  • Analysis and recommendations for putting together the civil engineering specifications.
  • Technical recommendations for choosing the manufacturing methods for the foundations.
  • Technical recommendations for the choice of service providers (studies, materials, etc.).

Construction phase:

  • Verification of the reinforcements and casing, depending on the recommendations of the turbine makers and “good practices” of the profession.
  • Follow-up and accompaniment on site making possible immediate corrections to:
    • the casting of the bed
    • the casting of the grouting
    • installation of the waterproofing of the bed
  • Verification of the paths and platforms
Post-construction phase:

Follow-up of any cracking, implementation of the associated corrective measures.

  • Condition of the surface, casting defects…
  • Verification of the waterproofing
  • Verification of the earthing
wind turbines foundations tlu
TLU: Measurement of the vertical movement of the tower and oscillation:

Different problems can lead the insert to loosen from its foundation.

8.2 France measures the movement of the tower and analyzes the civil engineering and turbine data to determine the reasons and thus deduce the consequences (limiting the life span of the foundation). A corrective action can then be proposed.

Since 2015, 8.2 France has carried out 129 measurements, some of which have been in the context of legal expertise, and has provided solutions for them.


Are you looking for construction follow-up for your foundations?

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