On the strength of their high-level knowledge in the different models of wind turbine, the experts from 8.2 France can now offer advanced training course for your teams responsible for the technical management of wind turbines. The aim of these training courses is to accompany your teams responsible for operating wind farms, with a view to improving the quality of the technical management of turbines of all brands, in accordance with the best standards and the state of the art in the profession. 8.2 France believes it has attained a level of excellence in its expertise, making it possible
to provide top quality training courses.

training solar, onshore and offshore wind

Full training


8.2 France provides you with the knowledge necessary for good management of your parks, with in particular:

  • The various components of a wind turbine
  • Weaknesses and obvious visual signs of dysfunction
  • Focus on technological particularities and inspections
    – Strong points/weak points
    – Different technologies (yaw, pitch, generator, multiplier, blades and their improvements…)
    – Known recurrent defects of certain technologies
    – Aerodynamic and mass imbalance, CMS, insulation testing…
    – Examples of retrofitting that made it possible to improve performances
  • Discussion around a preventive maintenance checklist

Practice on the client’s site

Our experts share their experience in training in groups of 3 directly on site.

The program:

  • Practical application of the theory training
  • Feedback from an 8.2 France expert
  • Identification of the key points to inspect in machinery
training solar, onshore and offshore wind

Personalized training

Practical training on the client’s site

The training is done directly on the site, our experts guarantee :

  • Machine accompaniment for an asset manager during a routine inspection
  • Focus on the key points for inspection
  • Perfecting inspections
  • Feedback from an 8.2 France expert on the technology
  • Review of a preventive maintenance checklist
training solar, onshore and offshore wind

Operating assistance

We can offer to take charge of your routine inspections autonomously or accompanying your teams. This, along with assisting your asset managers, will make it possible to obtain an external opinion of the state of your wind turbines. As our experts are located all over France (see map), we are able to offer this assistance at a relatively low cost given that these operations can be flexible.

our references

Consultancy with the various banks regarding the funding for several wind farms :

250 MW in total

Recommendations on performances on several solar parks :

12MWp, 7,9MWp and 8,9MWp

Technical Due Diligences techniques carried out on behalf of the leaders in the French and German energy sectors, for portfolios of respectively


850MW and 300MW


training clients
training clients
training clients
training clients

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