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8.2 experts advise you and carry out due diligences

At all stages of your projects, we can assist and provide you with specific advice. We also carry out Technical Due Diligences. These technical reviews require specific skills, enhanced by the commitment of a team that has received optimal preparation in terms of its capacities, know-how and experience.

technical due diligence solar, onshore and offshore wind


Given the considerable experience of the 8.2 Group in the fields of wind and solar energy, we are able to accompany your project from the development stage throught its earliest stages, right up to the start up of the installation and, of course, throughout it is entire lifetime.

The goal of 8.2 France is to improve the reliability of your investments, as well as to optimize your operating results and energy yield.


Assistance and consultancy in project management in all technical fields

Help with the negotiation of contracts with manufacturers, banks, investors, etc.

Audit in design

Verification of technical documents

Assistance and consultancy in the field of health, safety and the environment (HSE)

Analysis of the O&M strategy

Support for the lifetime extension VS repowering

As the costs of inspecting installed turbines are much higher than what is done on land, it is important to check the quality of the wind turbines before mounting them.

Our teams are able to support you in the development of offshore projects: 

Factory audit

System audit

Quality audit of manufactured equipment (nacelles, blades, towers)

technical due diligence solar, onshore and offshore wind

Technical due diligence

8.2 France was founded on the basis of proven references for both its experience and its team, criteria that bear witness to the company’s professionalism.

Whether in the wind or solar energy sectors, 8.2 France is capable of carrying out complete Technical Due Diligences, namely:


Energy yield assessment

Regulatory ICPE/PC audit

Land lease agreement audit

Contractual audit

Financial audit

Technical audit including an on-site visit

8.2 France performs technical due diligence as a whole, available in various versions according to your needs:



Consultancy with the various banks regarding the funding for several wind farms:

250 MW in total

Recommendations on performances of several solar parks:


12 MWp, 7.9 MWp and 8.9 MWp

Technical Due Diligences carried out on behalf of the leaders in the French and German energy sectors, for portfolios of respectively:


850 MW and 300 MW


advisory and due diligence clients
advisory and due diligence clients
advisory and due diligence clients
advisory and due diligence clients

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