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8.2 at the FEE fair

The 8.2 France teams were present at the FEE fair to talk about technical expertise, performance optimization and consulting services. Bruno, Marion, Damien, Camille and Bertrand were present for 2 days at the 10th National Wind Energy Fair of FEE (France Energie...

Training of your technical staff by 8.2 France

Wind trainings, have you thought about it? 8.2 France offers trainings in wind energy for your technical teamsThanks to its advanced knowledge of the various models of wind turbines as welle as its DataDock referencing, 8.2 France is now offering advanced trainings...


FOUNDATIONS: THE “FEET OF CLAY” OF A WIND TURBINE? 8.2 France guarantees the quality control of the foundations of wind turbinesFoundations can be the “feet of clay” of wind turbines if they have been poorly thought out, poorly constructed or badly maintained. It is...

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