Dismantling, Repowering, Reblading, Lifetime extension: what solutions to consider?

Focus on the actions to put in place on your wind farm after 10-15 years of operation to calmly consider the following

After 15 years, many questions arise about the reliability of the components, the production capacity of the wind turbine, the recovery of electricity after the contract of obligation of purchase, the optimization of maintenance costs.

To answer all this, 8.2 strong of his experience, recommends you to make an inventory of your assets according to the following method:

  • Analytical study of the remaining life 
    • Etude analytique de la durée de vie résiduelle
  • Technical audit
    •  Audit technique  
  • Vibration measurement 
    • Contrôle vibratoire  
  • Rotor imbalance assessment
    • Contrôle de balourd
  •  Video endoscopy
    • Vidéo endoscopie
  • Rotor blade inspection
    • Inspections de pales

The Remaining Lifetime Study

This study focuses on the lifetime, already consumed, of the structural components and overall, on the remaining lifetime in its environment and its current configuration.
This study defines the major components to be replaced and thus guides the operator for the future of its fleet.

Machine inspections

The purpose of all machine inspections is to identify all defects and assess their severity. This health check is very useful for improving production and for the study of life extension. We accompany you optimally to limit the operating costs.


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