Blade inspections: A photoscope for inspections from the ground

Specialists in blade inspections, we use a new, high-precision equipment to perform inspections from the ground.

Since 2012, more than 5,109 blades have been inspected by our teams. We know the blades and their recurring faults. Our experts are dedicated to carry out blade inspections on rope, but also from the ground with high performance equipment. 

8.2 France is commited to adapt itself to the HSE policies of its customers and therefore can use other tools than the rope to perform rotor blade inspections

In order to support our customers on their blade inspections and comply with their HSE policy, we have developed blade inspection technics from the ground. These technics require high performance equipment revealing structural defects which are difficult to see (cracks), but which are indicative of the mechanical weaknesses of the blade, and which must be detected as soon as possible.


Stop waiting for the summer period to perform your blade inspections!

We have tested and validated a 2,000mm focal length photoscope allowing us to have a truly precise examination and which provides real information on the state of the components. With this equipment, no post-processing doubt about the defect observed. The analysis by the expert is done directly on site using the zoom, filters, … to compensate bad weather conditions such as light fog, grey and cloudy sky, light rain, etc.

How to properly ensure the longevity of your wind farm?

To ensure the best rentability of your wind assets, the priority is to ensure its longevity and control its costs. Checking and diagnosing faults by an independent expert prevents bad surprises and maintenance costs.

Key stages are favorable to make an inventory: at the commissioning stage, after 2 years at the end of the warranty of major components, at the end of the maintenance contract or on occurences to be defined depending on the type of turbine and its environment. Our experts can advise you from their experience how to carry out a complete expertise after 8 years of operation.

The blades are major components which can impact the residual lifetime of the whole wind turbine…

Transformer, generator, blades are the major components of the operation of the wind turbine. In addition to being tremendously expensive, their replacement is delicate and requires significant and expensive logistics. Unplanned production shutdowns shall very quickly impact availability.

Anticipate, get closer to us, we will support you with the best suited technologies to take care of your assets!

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