8.2 France joins DOLFINES to accelerate its growth, particularly in offshore wind energy and internationally.

An integrated player in renewable energy services with strong business/geographical complementarities that will benefit from the expected strong growth of its markets

The business and geographical complementarities of DOLFINES and 8.2 France are strong:

  • Business complementarities, with 8.2 France entirely focused on renewable energies, wind power in particular, DOLFINES offering its recognised expertise in offshore and related services;
  • Geographical complementarity, with DOLFINES’ strong presence in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, the North Sea and Asia, while 8.2 France’s activity is essentially located in France and Europe, in areas that are little or not affected by travel restrictions today.
  • The combination of expertise and markets will immediately create a group rigged for growth in fast-growing markets, a catalyst of interest for other market players, opening the way for other value-creating external growth operations.

Therefore, the integration of complementary teams and expertise will accelerate the growth of the new group around the four historical segments of the market.
The integration of complementary teams and expertise will accelerate the growth of the new group around the four historical segments of 8.2 France:

  • Technical expertise: 8.2 France, one of the leaders in the support of asset managers on recurrent inspections of wind farms, will also benefit from the establishment and experience of DOLFINES internationally;
  • Performance: 8.2 France will aim to consolidate its expertise through closer partnerships and the use of digital solutions, some of which have been developed within 8.2 France and DOLFINES;
  • Due-diligences and Technical Audits: in this high-potential market, 8.2 France’s technical expertise and DOLFINES’ engineering culture will be an asset to accelerate the development and support investors in wind and photovoltaic farms;
  • Productivity: the combination of technical and engineering expertise specific to the two companies will allow us to aim for a leading position in France and internationally.

The new entity is now an integrated player with a strong desire to play a full part in the expected growth of the global market. In the expected growth of the global offshore wind energy market, but also in the high maintenance needs of the onshore maintenance needs of the onshore wind farm in France:

  • Based on WindEurope’s estimates, 450 GW of offshore wind energy could be installed in Europe by 2050, including 57 KW for France, which features the world’s second largest maritime surface. Today, only 22 GW are installed in Europe, and 2 MW in France.
  • France Energie Eolienne’s objective is to install 10 GW of offshore wind energy by 2030, of which 3.5 GW have already been allocated. The International Renewable Energy Agency estimates that 228 GW could be installed in Europe by 2030.
  • In the French onshore wind market, the need for technical expertise for wind farms will increase by an average of 5 to 10% per year over the next few years due to the increasing age of the installations. This situation will create opportunities for maintenance and inspection contracts for wind farms at the end of their life and for wind farms under construction.

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