8.2 France is strengthening its position in offshore activities by accompanying the company « Parc du Banc de Guérande » on the wind farm project Saint-Nazaire, jointly controlled by the Eolien Maritime France SAS company, and EDF Renouvelables and his subsidiary EIH Sarl, filiale d’Enbridge Inc. (« Enbridge »). in its Banc de Guérande wind power project off the coast of Saint Nazaire for the next 3 years.

The companies in the 8.2 group have been involved in offshore projects for more than 15 years and to date have covered 80% of German offshore wind power projects in the North Sea as either experts or consulting engineers.

8.2 France has revealed its strategic development plan for this new activity in France and around the world, with the creation of a dedicated team. The first specialized experts were recruited in 2020 to respond to both the needs of the company’s clients, and the ambitious objectives of the French authorities.  

After working as experts on factory quality inspections for the Merkur project (66 General Electric (GE) Haliade‐150 6MW) and as consulting engineers for the launch of IDEOL’s Floatagen prototype (anchored 22 km of the coast of Le Croisic), 8.2 France will now accompany EDF in the Banc de Guérande project (80 General Electric (GE) Haliade‐150 6MW).

8.2 France is setting up in Saint Nazaire for the long term, with 3 experts and 2 engineers employed full-time to guarantee quality monitoring of the assembly of the nacelles, the E-stack, as well as the logistics hub in the port area.

Since November 12, 2020, when the agreement with the company Dolfines was signed, 8.2 France has provided developer/operators with a complete offer, covering the entire value chain of an offshore project. This strategic association allows 8.2 to offer its services for all the various infrastructures, including all the subsea elements, and particularly the foundations or floaters, thanks to the know-how and 20 years of experience of Dolfines in offshore oil activities.

About us:

8.2 France is an independent company that is a member of the Associative Group 8.2, a brand created in Germany more than 25 years ago. We have expertise in renewable energies, including onshore and offshore wind power, and solar power. 8.2 France can offer its clients expertise in 5 key professions: advisory and due diligence, yield assessments, technical audits, performance improvement, and training. Our clients are essentially developer/operators and/or the operators of renewable electricity generation plants.

Dolfines (formerly Dietswell) is an independent specialist in engineering and services for the renewable and conventional energy industries. Dolfines has considerable know-how in drilling and offshore platform activities.

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