The 8.2 France teams were present at the FEE fair to talk about technical expertise, performance optimization and consulting services.

FEE fair news

Bruno, Marion, Damien, Camille and Bertrand were present for 2 days at the 10th National Wind Energy Fair of FEE (France Energie Eolienne). On October 16 and 17, 2019, more than 2 200 visitors came from all over France and Europe for this major wind energy event in France. This event allowed our teams to talk with 8.2 customers about new technical expertise, performance optimization and consulting services to meet the needs of wind operators.

Inspections & Expertises

At every stage of your wind and solar projects, inspections and expertises are necessary to ensure the best execution. Our experts can support operators, investors and maintainers in their trades throughout the entire life cycle of the farms as independent third parties. Whether in the pre-assembly phase, at the end of commissioning, at the end of warranty or in maintenance contracts, and until the end of the life of your assets, we have solutions for you.


Damien was able to present our performance optimization processes to improve the efficiency of your farms. 8.2 France is indeed capable of measuring mass and aerodynamic imbalances which degrade the performance of wind farms. We can then assist you to correct them: adjustment of blade angles and mass balancing.

Our sister company 4Op, represented by Camille and Bertrand, was also able to present its services. 4Op offers – among other things – SCADA data analyzes aimed at optimizing the performance of wind and solar farms.


Thanks to its many years of experience in wind and solar, 8.2 France can advise you on different levels:

  • Technical Due Diligences
  • Assistance with project management
  • Help with the negotiation of contracts 
  • Verification of technical documents

See you next year for the next FEE fair!

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